Professional Teeth Cleanings In Auburn & Lewiston, ME

Professional Teeth Cleanings In Auburn & Lewiston, Maine

Great Falls Dental Associates proudly offers our professional teeth cleaning services to the residents of Auburn, Lewiston, and the surrounding region of Maine! Our professional teeth cleaning services will ensure that your oral health is in tip-top-shape and you’ll leave our office with that signature fresh, clean feeling! Our teeth cleaning services typically take anywhere from ½ hour to 1 hour, depending on the state of your current oral hygiene when you arrive for your appointment. Contact us today to schedule your next professional teeth cleaning at Great Falls Dental Associates in Auburn, Maine!


What Is Included In A Professional Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

Each professional teeth cleaning appointment at Great Falls Dental Associates will start with a discussion and assessment of your oral hygiene & overall oral health. Next, our friendly & experienced staff will take X-rays of your mouth, which will give our dentists a clear and precise image of everything that’s going on with your teeth and gums. Once your X-rays have been taken, our dental hygienists will get started cleaning your teeth! We’ll start by cleaning off any plaque and tartar that may be present on your teeth, which are the main culprits for causing cavities and tooth decay. Our dental hygienists are highly experienced and will make you as comfortable & relaxed as possible during the plaque & tartar removal process! Next, we’ll use a special brush and dental-grade tooth polish to polish your pearly whites, freshening your breath and making your teeth smooth & glossy! Once your teeth have been polished, we’ll clean between your teeth using floss, ensuring that your entire mouth is fresh, clean, and shining! Finally, we’ll apply fluoride to your teeth to strengthen your enamel and help prevent future cavities & decay!

Why Do My Teeth Need To Be Professionally Cleaned?

Having your teeth professionally cleaned every three to six months is essential for your oral health. Not only will a professional teeth cleaning make your pearly whites fresh, clean, and ready to smile, but it will also allow us to identify and fix any oral health problems that you might currently be having. Even if you’re an at-home oral hygiene superstar, the dental hygienist who is cleaning your teeth will use specialized tools & dental-grade products to be able to clean those tough-to-reach spots that you simply can’t get to on your own! 


Schedule Your Next Professional Teeth Cleaning With Great Falls Dental Associates In Auburn, ME!

If you have any questions about our professional teeth cleaning services or would like to schedule an appointment at our office in Auburn, Maine, please contact our team today! Call our office at (207) 784-4222 or fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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I love this office every person there is so nice they make you feel very comfortable. They tell you everything that they are doing and what it will cost. Dr.Towle is very nice makes you feel very comfortable with everything he is doing, first dentist that has never hurt me. Can't say enough good things about this office.
Estelle R.
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